Richolson Creative provides a large range of services… We offer stellar design services for page headings and other elements of your website… We provide excellent web development services.

We can build a custom website for you, with custom headers, layout, styles and features. A custom site is unique, designed just for your business. It can make your business stand out from the crowd. A unique site is better than any run-of-the-mill solution. The more professional your site looks, the more authentic you come across. Plus, a custom website is easier to SEO optimize. It is also safer than a website template.

Content Management Systems are our specialty.

Since we use CMS, you will be able to manage your web content without much hassle. You can add new details, edit your content and publish it. You do not have to know HTML language and CSS to update and maintain your website, you can do it alone, without any help. Of course, if you want some help with website maintenance, we will be still there to help.

During the past couple of years, lots of businesses switched to CMS platforms like WordPress and Joomla. These days, WordPress is the most popular platform of the world, and for a good reason. CMS platforms are convenient, because you can manage your website, even if you do not know programming languages.

We offer custom HTML website design.

If you have a plain, functional, informative website that you do not want to update often – or you want us to maintain your site –, you can still go with traditional HTML web design. Once we build your website, you do not have to bother with it anymore.

E-Commerce Sites

Do you want to sell a range of products or services online? Get an e-commerce store where customers can purchase your products through your shopping cart. What we offer is a customer-friendly, navigable interface that you and your customers can easily manage.

We offer web hosting and domain registration. We offer plenty of storage space. We provide great web hosting plans, offers and packages. Each domain that we host has its own IP address and control panel, which is a safe, secure solution; we care about your online security and privacy. We also offer high quality features that most hosting plans do not.

We have an affiliate association with Enom Inc., a reputable domain name registrar and web hosting company, so we can get your domain name registered for a reasonable price.

Email Accounts

We can add email accounts to the web hosting packages that we offer. We also offer the option of forwarding your messages to your main email account.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer professional search engine optimization services. We use CMS plugins, i.e. code files that can add new features to your site. WordPress is a platform on which you can optimize web content, image titles, meta descriptions for better SEO results. Our CMS installation includes XML sitemaps and other optimization solutions. YML sitemaps enable search engines to crawl your site easily.

In WordPress, you can use different tools to format your content. You can use plugins to customize the functions and designs of your site. You can optimize your website so that major search engines like Google and Yahoo can crawl and index it. You can easily deal with description and title tags; all you have to do is to describe the page content and add SEO friendly title to each page. Use niche related key terms, i.e. the words that are most often used in your specific niche. Long tail key terms will not do anymore. In post-Panda days, single niche related words take you further. For example, if you have a website on books, use niche related key terms like book, novel, author, fiction, non-fiction, story etc.

You can leave SEO strategies to us. We excel in search engine optimization. You do not have to bother with it.

Website Redesign Services

You may want to refresh your current web content. You want to improve your online presence, to drive traffic to your site and to increase leads. We provide website redesigning services with free estimates. We do a thorough research to see how to redesign your website for the best results. We can make sure that you get higher conversions.

We offer complex website maintenance services on a monthly or quarterly basis. We customize our services to match your individual needs and your budget.

Social Networking Sites

We can integrate your Facebook business profile, your Twitter account and YouTube profile with your business website. This is an effective way to promote your business over the Internet. Social networking sites are powerful marketing tools. You can reach out to a wide segment of audience through various social media sites. If you are present on social media, you can increase brand awareness. You can monitor the performance of a new product or a new marketing strategy. Just check out the comments that you receive. You can respond at once, and you can change your products or marketing tools, according to the demands of your customers.

We offer an opt-in email marketing plan for you. You just provide a list of email addresses of your clients, and we help you reach out to them. Opt-in emails are better than bulk email spam, since you are targeting customers who have already allowed you to inform them about your business news. This way, you can target those people who are interested in your business.

Video Editing Service

If you provide a video footage, we will edit and enhance it. We will turn it into a professional, informative video or a profitable promotional material. We will also upload it to your YouTube channel and your website.

We offer pre-press services for writers and entrepreneurs. Probably you want to publish a book. Perhaps you are a business owner who develops marketing collateral material. These texts require some pre-press work before you get them published. They might need engineering and application services. We at Richolson Creative can help you. We provide high quality workmanship, excellent layout and design. We get your file ready for printing.

We use high quality Adobe computer graphics software, standard print specification and excellent print on demand technology. We know a range of layout and art applications.

If you provide a manuscript, Richolson Creative will help you self-publish your printed book. We provide technical support and assistance. All you have to do is to write and edit your book and submit your file to us, we will take care of printing and finishing. We design the interior and the cover of your book, and we recommend a print on demand publisher. This publisher will find you distributors and online stores. It will print a book anytime a customer places an order, and it will pay royalties after each book you have sold. Naturally, you will own the copyrights.

Feel free to check out our Portfolio. Have a look at the list of the books we worked on.